Compiled by L W Reynolds

After reading the resume about D P Mortlock in his book A Popular Guide To Norfolk Churches Volume 1 (1981 Acorn Editions ISBN 0 906554 04 7), written with C V Roberts, I was inspired to attempt what he was undertaking at that time - to visit all the churches in Norfolk. Having read many books on church architecture I hoped that by visiting over 600 churches it would help me to grasp the finer points of the subject and to remember the terminology.

With a keen interest in computers and cataloguing I set about compiling a list of all the churches in Norfolk (old or new - ruined or sound - used or redundant). To build the list I worked through all the books I could find on Norfolk churches and villages and stored the information on computer using a database software package. The list will be useful to anyone studying Norfolk churches.

The list was originally called the Norfolk Churches Reference Guide. As the list is used like a telephone directory - only referred to when a 'number' is required - the title has been changed to the Norfolk Churches Directory.

I would like to keep the directory as accurate and up-to-date as possible and would therefore like to know of any omissions or errors.



Over a ten year period between 1985 and 1995 I visited and photographed the majority of the churches. I fullfilled my ambition in 1998 when I visited the churches in the Thetford Battle Area. I can now say that I have visited all the churches in Norfolk.

The directory can be downloaded as two Word documents NCD01.DOC (310KB) and NCD02.DOC (647KB) or as one ZIP file containing the two Word documents NCD.ZIP (313 KB). Sorry no other formats available.

Leo Reynolds

Last updated 6th October 2009